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Hotel Revenge

The destination for you.

Hotel Revenge is not the average, bland, boring escape room. It is a fully emersive and completely unique experience that gets your blood plumping through your viens, your eyesight popping in disbelief, your taste buds drooling with anticipation and your brain questioning what you’re really hearing.

This is not where the faint hearted book their vacation.

The menu

Revenge, a dish best served cold…or piping hot. Delight in a varied array of hot and cold dishes that will be the clues to unlock (not only your senses) the many mysteries that are well and truly covered in conspiracy at Hotel Revenge. The menu consists of 5 tasters dishes and drink to help settle the nerves of what is about to come.

If you have any dietary requirements, please email our bell boy Stanley and he will be happy to help….

Book the whole hotel

Wish to unravel all of Hotel Revenge’s deep, dark secrets?  We thought you may be tempted. Upon check in your group be split into two and together you will have to out smart the haunted walls, slip through the moving halls and find a way to check out for good.